TelegrAvv – Commento alla Parola del 18-12-2016 (english version)

(Mt 1,18-24)

“Ask the Lord your God for a sign”. It’s with this statement of the prophet Isaiah, which we have listened to today, day of the Lord, that we put our life before the Word of God. So many times have we asked God for a sign. It was maybe to have a certainty in our life regarding the choices we would have liked to make. So many signs has He probably sent to us, He in person put them before us. It can have been a great moment of joy, sufferance, the death of a friend or a relative. The signs of the Lord are always put before our existence like a provocation to our faith to catch His presence. But today we are also given an answer. We are told that God Himself, in the signs He gives us, comes through us. For the sign given is the sign of the Virgin Mary who gives birth to Her only child: God becomes one of us! God comes through. This is the great sign we shall catch every day of our faith life. God comes through: in every man, in every woman, in every face we shall meet. It is sufficient to be capable of recognising the face of God.