TelegrAvv – Commento sulla Parola del 11-12-2016 (english version)

(Mt 11,2-11)

What is the real and only tragedy of life? That of not being able to recognise the face of the God revealed by Jesus Christ. And thus, without knowing God, we can’t taste our existence. The desert will bloom, the teetering knees will be stable, the Lord is coming to save us. The God of Jesus Christ is a God who doesn’t disappoint, doesn’t betray, doesn’t repent, never gets back, has no changes of mind: we are loved once and for all. We shall however turn to God agreeing to surprises. God is never as we would like Him to be, God doesn’t reveal Himself through the languages we wish for. God is always surprising, totally different. John has experienced it, converting himself to the God of Jesus Christ. And the sign that the Lord has come is the sign of life, not of condemnation or judgement.
There where life blooms, there the Messiah has come.

Heart’s awake, life wakes! Have a nice day!