TelegrAvv – Commento alla Parola del 4-12-2016 (english version)

(Mt 3,1-12)

We are waiting for the Messiah to be born, shining in the Gifts of the Spirit, humble servant and fair judge, universal reconciler and pacifier. St. Paul, today, tells us that, in order to live the Advent in a proper way, we have to conform us to Christ, convert us, change our life.
To be worth of accepting the Lord we have to accept each other, reserving a place in each other’s heart. This will generate the presence of Christ in the world and we all thus be worth of celebrating Christmas with the presence that He promises to all the ones united in His name. Conversion and acceptance are two indications which shall characterise our life in this time of wait. It is necessary that a flux of acceptance flows through the heart of us Christians, under the form of forgiveness and service in this time of Advent, time of brotherhood and hope for everyone!
There can’t be real conditions of peace around us without a real and deep personal conversion. There won’t be better times without acceptance, forgiveness and reconciliation, we won’t have hopes without the communion of thoughts and projects, ideals and actions, proposed today by Paul.
Let’s accept each other, thus, in a real and concrete way, to be able to accept the Lord who’s coming.
Heart’s awake, life wakes! Have a nice day!