TelegrAvv – Commento sul Vangelo del 27-11-2016 (english version)

(Mt 24,37-44)

The time of Advent begins, when searching for God becomes waiting for God, a God who’s born again and again, always heading off, always a stranger in a distracted world and heart. Distraction, indeed, from which the shallowness comes, the “supreme sin of our time”. “Just as it was in Noah’s time, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage and They were unaware of what was happening”. It is possible to live in this way, as passive life’s users, with no dreams nor mystery. It is possible to live “being unaware of what is happening”, unaware of the ones close to you in your house, of the ones speaking to you, of the hundreds of castaways in Lampedusa or of the poor ones at your door. Unaware of this planet that is poisoned and humiliated and of the common house plundered by our unsustainable lifestyles. It is possible to live without any faces: faces of people facing war, faces of violated women, of old people longing for a stroke, of temporary employees with no future. To be aware of this it is necessary to stop living in this fury which has overwhelmed all of us, and then we shall kneel down, listen like children do and look as lovers do: finally you become aware of pain pressuring, of hands holding out, of eyes looking for yours and of silent tears trembling in them. This is Advent: living in attention.
Wake your heart, wake your life!
Have a nice day.